Meet Indy & Sophie

Meet Indy & Sophie

Performatrin Ultra Grain Free

We started feeding our Yellow Lab Indy Performatrin Ultra Grain Free when he continued to have issues with itchy paws.  Within only a few days of switching to Performatrin, it stopped; but not only did the itchy paws stop, his coat went from course and wirey to silky smooth.  We also noticed a difference in his energy level.

When we got our Bernese Mountain Dog Sophie we decided to put her on the same formula because we were so happy with the results of it with our Lab.  Her coat feels amazing.  They are both extremely active dogs.  Their favorite thing to do is run and swim at the beach and this food helps them get what they need to lead that active lifestyle.  We wouldn’t feed them anything else!!!

Crystal, Little Brook NS


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October 5, 2016

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